FEBRUARY- Beyond the Selfie: Create Photo Art Using Instagram

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FEBRUARY- Beyond the Selfie: Create Photo Art Using Instagram


We are used to taking quantities of photographs. This class will teach you to create quality photographs.

Using a cell phone camera, you will learn to create compelling images based on content and composition.  After photoshoots, "thoughtful" editing will be implemented and photos will be uploaded to individual Instagram accounts for a group review.

Once a body of work has been created, images can be uploaded from Instagram to the printing site, Origami.com, where photos will be printed onto beautiful paper stock, boxed, and delivered to each student as a final portfolio ($25- included in registration cost- will be shipped directly to student's house typically within 4 weeks)

Recommended for age 13 and up.  Class size 4-6 students.

Classes will be held in our East Williston studio located at 470 Sagamore Ave East Williston NY.

Classes will meet weekly for 2 hour sessions on the following dates:

FEBRUARY- 1, 8, 15 MARCH 1

One make up class allowed scheduled for MARCH 8

No prior experience required


-  An Apple iPhone

-  An Instagram App and registered personal account

-  Please upload 5-10 samples of your photography to Instagram prior to the first session


-  Content- what to shoot and how to approach the subject

-  Contrasts- creating emotional interest/style/voice

-  Editing- choosing the best photos

-  Cropping/Composition

-  Color vs. Black & White

-  Lighting- contrast, highlights, shadows, textures

-  To filter or not to filter

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